Easter activities and Stay and Play

March 27, 2018 12:00 AM

We had a fantastic time with all of the grown ups who came to join the children as they took part in Easter activities and an egg hunt!

The children have been learning all about Easter this week. We have explored the Easter story and all about what happened to Jesus. The children have learnt about how this story relates to our Easter celebrations.

We had hot cross buns for snack and talked about how the cross symbolises the cross which Jesus died on.

We have learnt all about baby animals and egg hatching this week. We discussed that Easter eggs symbolise ‘new life’ as we remember when Jesus came back to life!

Together we watched a video about children celebrating Easter and attending church. The children related this to their own experiences and were able to tell me about christenings, weddings and church groups.

We discussed that not everybody goes to church, some people believe in different gods and say their prayers in other places such as mosques or even at home.

The children are learning about different religious celebrations in order to begin to understand their own culture and the culture and religions of their friends.

Our learning objective was to build the foundations to children’s understanding and acceptance of the multicultural society which we live in.

Next Step: Learning about other religions and celebrations