Childrens Welfare

All staff members have a duty of care to ensure the safety, happiness and well-being of every child attending our pre-school in order to support their learning and development, as set out in Section 175 of the Education Act, 2002.


We have a legal duty to report any allegations, complaints or concerns (raised by staff, parents and/or carers), particularly those about the protection of a child, as set out in our Safeguarding policy. Such matters are primarily dealt with by our Designated Child Protection leader, Mrs. Leanne Moriarty (Deputy Manager) and In case of her absence, Mrs. Michelle Bingham (Manager) will deputise.  Please see our 'Safeguarding policy' in the 'policies' section of the website.

Brookside Pre-school is proud to have been given the In Safe Hands Award (April 2017). This award recognises the pre-school's commitment to ensuring each child's safety while in our care. It demonstrates that at Brookside Pre-school we meet and exceed, the legal requirements for the number of staff who hold a relevant and up to date, paediatric first aid qualification. For more information on this award, please refer to the First Aid Industry Body website via the link below.